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The purpose of this group project is helping local public space to increase their art atmosphere through designing muarl illustration. And we hope this project can promote arts and culture in the selected site.

Project background

In this project, the story is about main character explores the new place and meets a new nation. After communicating with the nation, he has merged in their life and learnt their skills. Our position setting is in the Plant. It has a nation that those fairies are living in a forest. The forest has lots of exotic flowers and rare herbs. We had applied the story into the mural illustration through matching the space of JCCAC. Also, we had made the map to promote the murals.

Character design

Dai Kyun is a 20 year-old adventurer. He is warm, bold, extreme and impulsive. Ar Dik is a 20 year-old floating teacher. He is a helpful boy and he always helps the stranger. Bunny is a 15 year-old assistant of Ar Dik. Although she looks smart, she always breaks A Dik things and makes him very angry.

Mural illustration for JCCAC

Promotion of mural illustration for JCCAC

We had used 12 page concerting fold to introduce the project information and story background to the visitors in JCCAC. The cover design is according to JCCAC building design. We put some fairy into the building which they are visiting JCCAC. In the back side of our map, there is the characters introduction. We drew the ground of the plant. Also, the picture is about our main character, Dai Kyun, who wants to visit fairy village to learn new things.

Mural illustration for APM

After the assignment, we had participated the APM Design Fiesta in APM shopping mall which we had re-designed the mural illustration to match with APM branding image. And we had joined the live show there.

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