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        Welcome to Ganfeng Lithium Group Co., Ltd.!(A share code: 002460 | H share code: 01772)
        Ganfeng News
        Setting a New Standard in Workplace Safety
        we remain committed to maintaining and enhancing our safety practices to ensure the contin
        Ganfeng Lithium have signed a cooperation agreement with Pilbara
        GanfengLithium have signed a cooperation agreement with the globally renowned lithium mini...
        In conversation with Wang Xiaoshen
        the ESG guidelines are highly aligned with GanfengLithium's strategies.
        GanfengLithium have achieved an impressive record of 3,166,568 man-hours without lost time accident
        Ganfeng demonstrates its strong commitment to workplace safety
        GanfengLithium fulfilled its commitment in 2022 by donating a motor grader to enhance road conditions
        Let us persist in constructing a sustainable future together!
        Participatory Environmental Monitoring of 2023
        We completed the fourth and last Participatory Environmental Monitoring of 2023.
        October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month
        Early detection is crucial, as it leads to a cure in 95% of cases.
        Mariana Salt Lake Project in Argentina Launches Talent Development Program
        These professional internships align with Ganfeng's global commitment to educational devel
        Ganfeng organized a voluntary waste collection event
        Small environmental actions can lead to significant changes on a broader scale!
        #the International Day of Women in Mining# Celebrate the successful role of women in mining
        We celebrate all women in mining and especially those at Ganfeng Lithium.
        GanfengLithium’s MSCI ESG Rating Upgraded to Level A
        MSCI indices are among the most widely followed and acknowledged ESG benchmarks in the glo...
        GanfengLiEnergy 3.4MWp Distributed Photovoltaic Power Generation Project Grid Connected Successfully
        With the successful grid connection of the 3.4 MWp distributed photovoltaic power generati...

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